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Welcome to The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas. It’s Time to Learn Something Truly Amazing that will change your life!

If you’ve ever considered learning martial arts, now is a great time to start. Here at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas, we have professional instructors who are prepared to teach you every aspect of martial arts and fitness. It’s not just about learning to defend yourself and fitness; it’s also about having a great time and learning how to do something amazing.

Self-Defense, Fitness and an Enjoyable Sport

There are plenty of sporting options out there, but not many of them are as much fun and truely rewarding as martial arts. At The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas, we are committed to teaching you world-class martial arts in a setting that is both safe and really enjoyable. Our classes are physically demanding, but they’re also challenging and a lot of fun. You will be amazed at the things you are capable of doing and you will love learning skills that can literally save your life someday. Our lessons offer all the training you need in a way that is practical and logical.

Well-Rounded Classes

At The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas, we believe in providing a class that is well-rounded. We include stretching to maximize your flexibility and use conditioning techniques to help you get stronger. The self-defense you will learn can be used in the real-world and you will have fun in the process.

The Black Belt Mindset

We teach people of all ages, and almost everyone reports feeling better physically and mentally after taking our classes. They feel less stressed, better able to deal with the demands of their life. What they are learning is the black belt mindset or calm, strength and control. Becoming a black belt is about more than just learning the right moves; it truly does mark a positive change in your outlook and your entire life.


We know that you have a busy schedule. That’s why The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas offers flexible class times. Our classes are available for both children and adults. We also offer special workshops on important things like how to handle bullies and self-defense.

Passionate Staff

Part of the reason the classes at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas are so much fun is because we have fantastic staff members. They are passionate about karate. They love practicing, the love teaching it and they love watching their students stretch and learn new things. They are all fully and professional trained. They can help you or your children develop key values like patience, self-control, respect, integrity and courtesy.

Individual Improvements

Karate is great for the entire body. In addition to becoming more fit, you may also find that you feel better about yourself. Kids and adults alike will find that their self-confidence is improved, they have more self-discipline and they will learn how to keep moving forward and working towards something. Nothing is better for growing children than they chance to feel great pride in something. Here at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas, we want them to be proud of themselves and their accomplishments. Our trainers work hard to help every student reach that point.

Special Activities

The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas also offers cool special activities for students, their family and friends! We participate in tournaments, contests and fun challenges to help you or your child stretch and grow. We have special occasions where everyone can gather in the studio for a fun movie or hang out with some buddies. We have holiday parties and host the occasional parent’s night out so you can enjoy some time away by yourselves.

Call Today

We want to help you learn the fun and impressive techniques. We want to help you achieve that black belt mindset so you can reap the benefits of martial arts. Here at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas, we also want to make sure you have fun in the process. Whatever your goals are, we can help you reach them.

We have already helped countless people learn martial arts and improve their lives. We are prepared to help you now. Call us today at 817-238-7033 and talk to one of our professional team members. Ask about our Trial Program so you can learn more about our classes and how much fun martial arts can be. Don’t let another week slip by without calling. Call today so you can start getting more out of life now.