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Regular Exercise, Self-Defense, No More Bullies, and a whole lot of Excitement; The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas is the Answer!

Serving the Lake Worth, Texas area, the Children’s Martial Arts Program at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas is suited for any child regardless of ability or prior training. We train boys and girls age four and up and whether your child has some experience or none at all, we have the right program for them. Our expert staff members have devoted themselves to ensuring every child develops into a self-confident, respectful and productive member of society. This is done through the teaching of traditional martial arts values of honesty, respect, discipline and hard work. Your child will learn how to manage the schoolyard or neighborhood bully and how to handle negative peer pressure situations too.

No Child is Ever Left on the Sidelines

At The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas our instructors are there to motivate and guide each student to reach their full potential. Children cannot succeed if shuffled off to a corner. We do not do things that way at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas. Every student receives the same level of attention and instruction, regardless of ability.

Our professional and caring staff is dedicated to helping every child develop their martial arts expertise; get in top physical shape, learn self-defense skills and most importantly how to face the world with confidence.

Get the Results You’re Looking for

  • Imagine how great it will be to know that your child has the confidence to stand up to unwanted peer pressure and bullies at school and in the neighborhood.

  • Imagine your child as the focused and respectful young person you’ve always known is inside them.

  • Imagine knowing that your child is in fantastic physical and mental condition.

  • Imagine seeing your child’s grades and overall attitude continually improve.

  • Imagine seeing their future with every door to success opening for them because of the discipline and focus they have learned.

The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas can make these things possible for your child, just as they have with many others.

The Staff at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas Will Work Closely with You

Communication between our instructors and our parents is vital to the success of our young students. The staff at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas will work closely with you to decide the best course of instruction for your child. Additionally, they treat each child as an individual with patience and understanding. No matter how ‘hard-headed’ or timid your child may be, our instructors have the experience and training to work with them to achieve ultimate success.

Extra Special fun

There are all kinds of special events at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas which will keep your child coming back for more. Movie night, Buddy night, Holiday parties, Parent's night out, Tournaments, Contests and Fun Challenges are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the year. As your child matures, the community he finds through karate will strengthen him, or her, constantly. At Karate Quest, we believe that children learn by doing, and that doing includes parties, contests, fun challenges, buddy nights, and movie nights.

Call 817-238-7033 today to find out about our great offers for new students!

Our excellent staff, here at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas, is a truly wonderful group of people! Selected for their outgoing, friendly ways and superior martial arts expertise, they love their work! Their knowledge of people and how to bring out their best while providing a rich, fun atmosphere, are cherished by both students and parents.

We recognize the importance of building a child's best qualities and characteristics from the inside out. Your child will learn the value of inner maturity while enhancing their physical growth. Your child will feel proud! Their self-esteem and confidence will be elevated! And, AS with every class, it will be accomplished with smiles, and a TON OF FUN!

Each important road in life begins with one crucial step.

Enrolling your child in our martial arts classes IS THAT STEP to help him or her BE ALL THEY CAN BE!

Whether you and your child's goal is to get in shape, learn practical, effective self-defense, develop the strength of character to realize their full potential, or go for that coveted black belt, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

Call us here at The Karate School of Lake Worth Texas, in South Lake Worth, TODAY! Come in for a FREE TOUR! 817-238-7033

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